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Dear colleagues,

I would like to inform you about another possibility to disseminate your scientific work or project results not only in the scientific community but to society. Science for Progress <https://www.scienceforprogress.eu/> is a science communication initiative which offers a regular podcast about scientific and science communication topics. Examples would be the episodes about altmetrics <https://www.sciencefohttps://www.scienceforprogress.eu/21-altmetrics-a-better-way-to-evaluate-researchers-with-steffen-lemke/<https://www.scienceforprogress.eu/>
rprogress.eu/<https://www.scienceforprogress.eu/>> or the Journal Impact Factor <https://www.scienceforprogress.eu/9-the-journal-impact-factor-a-quality-measure-for-research-and-researchers-with-dr-bjorn-brembs/>.

More over Science for Progress has a rotating curation Twitter account named @sfpocur <https://twitter.com/SfPRocur>  with over 1.600 followers where you have the opportunity to curate the account for one week to tweet about topics of interest for the scientific community. There have been a few curations by Open Science projects so far like OpenAIRE <https://www.openaire.eu> or FIT4RRI <https://www.fit4rri.eu> .

If you are interested to promote your work through one of these channels please feel free to contact <info at scienceforprogress.eu<mailto:info at scienceforprogress.eu>>.

Best wishes,
Maxie Gottschling

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