[Open-sports] football.db - New 2015/16 Seasons - English Premier League, Bundesliga, etc.

Gerald Bauer gerald.bauer at gmail.com
Fri Sep 11 12:22:22 UTC 2015


   The plain text football fixtures for leagues, teams, match
schedules, stadiums, and more that you can read with the sportdb
command line tool into your SQL database of choice (e.g. SQLite,
PostgreSQL, etc.) now includes the 2015/16 seasons for the English
Premier League [1], the Deutsche Bundesliga [2], and more. Any league
missing? Add your league.

  Use Datafiles [3] to build youself a copy e.g.

   $ sportdb new en2015-16    # just the 2015-16 season, please
   $ sportdb new en               # all seasons

 All data, code and samples public domain. Enjoy the beautiful game. Cheers.

[1] github.com/openfootball/eng-england/tree/master/2015-16
[2] github.com/openfootball/de-deutschland/tree/master/2015-16
[3] github.com/openfootball/datafile

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