[open-sustainability] Launching Open Transition Energy

Pierre Chrzanowski pierre.chrzanowski at gmail.com
Thu Feb 28 11:47:17 UTC 2013


As part of the national debate on Energy Policy here in France<1>, which is
supposed to end with a new Policy Framewok proposal, the OKF local group
just launched Open Transition Energie <2> to share, explore and visualize
open data & other open ressources on that issue.

Inspired by the World Bank Dataviz blog, Open Transition Energy is a simple
website where you can share and explore ressources.
It is also a datasets thematic group on our fresh new version of the French
DataHub NosDonnées.fr <3>

More info on the project in our blog post <4>

Any contribution or pointer to a good Energy Policy datviz or dataset would
be much appreciated.

Thank you

<1> http://www.transition-energetique.gouv.fr/
<2> http://opentransition.okfn.fr/
*<3> *http://www.nosdonnees.fr/group/open-transition-energie
<4> *http://bit.ly/XcJsEK*

Pierre Chrzanowski
Open Knowledge Foundation France

*Pierre Chrzanowski*
// Skype: pierre.chrzanowski // Twitter : piezanowski
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