[open-sustainability] Growing vegetables with open data

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Really interesting stuff. I spent some time talking with colleagues at City Hall who run Capital Growth - a project to expand community food growing in London - about the possibility of using collaborative mapping to improve open data on food growing spaces, as I was setting up http://www.openecomaps.co.uk/ at the time. It never came to much, I didn't have enough spare time and in the end most people want to get on growing food not mapping their spaces :)

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This is very interesting to me. I would suggest to keep those approaches as part of this list as I believe the use of open data by self-organized groups of citizens is a key element of open sustainability.


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A blog post which should be of interest on this list - the transformative potential of bringing together the open data community with community growers:


I've been thinking about some kind of Open Land group for a while, which would include things like this - do you think this would just be a sub-section of this list or more separate?


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