[open-sustainability] “Science 3.0” by Jerry Ravetz (University of Oxford) – STTF2013 Opening Seminar

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Tue Jun 25 11:32:08 UTC 2013

STTF2013 ISCTE-IUL Summer School *“Sustainable Technologies and
Transdisciplinary Futures: From Collaborative Design to Digital Fabrication”
* invites you for its Opening Seminar (open to the public):

*Science 3.0: Transdisciplinarity for Sustainability *

*Jerry Ravetz (University of Oxford)*

*July 8 _09:00 _Aud B203 _ISCTE-IUL University Institute of Lisbon*

* *

*The talk will converge on the themes of uncertainty, robust knowledge for
sustainability, mutual learning between experts and laypersons, the context
of the radical new social media, and democratic accountability and debate. *

STTF2013 ISCTE-IUL Summer School (8-13 July 2013) is a joint initiative of
VitruviusFabLab-IUL <http://www.vitruviusfablab.iscte-iul.pt/> (Digital
Fabrication Laboratory) and CIES-IUL
<http://www.cies.iscte-iul.pt/en/>(Centre for Research and Studies in
Sociology), of
ISCTE-IUL <http://www.iscte-iul.pt/> (University Institute of Lisbon),
sponsored by JRC (European Commission) FLAD, and IFP, with FabLab Lisboa,
altLab, and ZDB as partners, and supported by Corticeira Amorim,
Valchromat, Serra da Estrela, Frize, Delta Q, Rhino 3D, Ouplan, Vetrometal,
Post and Lisbon Walker.

For more information please visit our webpage sttf2013.iscte-iul.pt
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