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>From the Sunlight Labs list: A "Climate Data Initiative" will be started by
the US government.


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I recently joined this list, so if I haven't met you yet: Hello!

I'm writing to pass along something I hope will be of interest: the federal
government is starting a "Climate Data Initiative" which will collect data
related to climate and climate change in one place, and they're also
working on a toolkit which will include new maps and models. In the Mother
Jones coverage of Obama's climate
they note that this "will allow federal and private partners access
to data that can be used create appropriate response plans and tools (like
sea-level-rise calculator or mobile apps.)". Here's what the plan says:

*Launching a Climate Data Initiative:* Consistent with the President’s May
2013 Executive Order on Open Data – and recognizing that freely available
open government data can fuel entrepreneurship, innovation, scientific
discovery, and public benefits – the Administration is launching a Climate
Data Initiative to leverage extensive federal climate-relevant data to
stimulate innovation and private-sector entrepreneurship in support of
national climate-change preparedness.

*Providing a Toolkit for Climate Resilience:* Federal agencies will create
a virtual climate-resilience toolkit that centralizes access to data-driven
resilience tools, services, and best practices, including those developed
through the Climate Data Initiative. The toolkit will provide easy access
to existing resources as well as new tools, including: interactive
sea-level rise maps and a sea-level-rise calculator to aid post-Sandy
rebuilding in New York and New Jersey, new NOAA storm surge models and
interactive maps from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
that provide risk information by combining tidal data, projected sea levels
and storm wave heights, a web-based tool that will allow developers to
integrate NASA climate imagery into websites and mobile apps, access to the
U.S. Geological Survey’s “visualization tool” to assess the amount of
carbon absorbed by landscapes, and a Stormwater Calculator and Climate
Assessment Tool developed to help local governments assess
stormwater-control measures under different precipitation and temperature

- President's Climate Action

Personally, I think it'd be fascinating to combine some of the data related
to climate change effects with data about climate-related legislation, so
you could find legislators whose districts are most at-risk (to droughts,
floods, etc) and see a rating of how well they're responding to the risks.

✍ p. — @techieshark <http://bit.ly/xDul1q>

* The data initiative is also
Scientific American.

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