[open-sustainability] Opportunities for opening up UK climate-change related data to generate economic, social and environmental value

Jack Townsend jack at jacktownsend.net
Wed Feb 5 23:12:50 UTC 2014

Great point Bruce, perhaps Climate Corporation is open sustainability's killer app, our Youtube moment :-)  

Though depending of what you think about GM, you may not approve of their choice of buyer: Monsanto.

This Climate One podcast Climate Corporation appear in is good, and they highlight their reliance on open data.

Will send out a summary of people's responses to this request soon.

On 31 Jan 2014, at 14:33, Bruce Durling <bld at otfrom.com> wrote:

> Jack,
> There is the obvious (though perhaps more DeFRA related) example of
> Climate Corporation exiting for $1 Billion based on open data on soil
> types and crop yields in the US. They made money through insurance for
> farmers. They also took environmental data (rain, other weather
> change) into account.
> cheers,
> Bruce
> On Fri, Jan 31, 2014 at 2:10 PM, Jack Townsend <jack at jacktownsend.net> wrote:
>> Hi everyone
>> Had a promising meeting yesterday at the UK Cabinet Office about opening up
>> data from the Departments of Energy and Climate Change, and Environment
>> Farming and Rural Affairs. (It's clear that the latter has made a lot more
>> progress on releasing data on data.gov.uk so far.)
>> There's a need to identify specific example opportunities in which opening
>> up climate change related data will generate economic, social and of course
>> environmental benefit. These could be from abroad, but are even better if
>> local. It covers the whole piece from mitigation to adaptation, energy to
>> flood prevention. Could be the creation of new businesses - such as Cleanweb
>> startups - or community projects.
>> More specifically, there was a request for any further feedback on the
>> National Energy Efficiency Data Framework, which just finished it's official
>> consultation. If you didn't get a chance already, I can pass on any further
>> feedback over the next week. Please note especially Table 4.1 starting on
>> Page 14 that lists out specific datasets in consideration.
>> Another specific requests was for example opportunities with river level and
>> flood data.
>> (Can email me directly on address below, or can discuss on the Open
>> Sustainability list. Look forward to hearing any replies when I'm back at my
>> desk on Tuesday.)
>> Thanks a lot
>> Jack
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