[open-sustainability] Checking the state of national CO2 reporting today

Chris Adams wave at chrisadams.me.uk
Wed Feb 12 20:48:37 UTC 2014

Hi open sustainability list members,

I'm hoping someone on the list will be able to give me some steer on the
current state of national CO2 emissions reporting.

I'm giving a talk at the Open Data Institute this Friday[1] about open data
and the environment, for one of the slides, I'm touching on this subject -
I've mostly been under the impression that national CO2 reporting lags
behind GDP quite significantly.

I'm basing some of this on an interview with Hans Rosling here, where he
lamented about the state of CO2 emissions reporting, and how it trailed
GDP[2], (although I'm aware how old that post is now), and general
discussion with friends in the open data community.

It now looks like the UK's CO2 emissions reporting has improved since then,
to the point where they are releasing Q3 CO2 GDP figures not too far behind
GDP figures now, both according to data.gov.uk[3], and even releasing in
something approaching a machine readable format[4].

Is this more common outside the UK too, or is reporting for most countries
still as far behind GDP as it was in 2012?

I'd normally consult the OKFN index here[5] to find out myself, but I can't
see CO2 as a statistic that's included in the open data census[6].

Anyone able to shed light on the issue?

Many thanks,


[5]: https://index.okfn.org/country/
[6]: http://census.okfn.org/about/

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