[open-sustainability] Plume Air Report: Open Data App to Track Pollution

Romain Lacombe romain.lacombe at gmail.com
Sat May 16 18:13:44 UTC 2015

Dear all,

Long-time list reader and OKFN fan (I co-founded data.gouv.fr in 2011 and
was lucky to get significant help from OKFN UK and FR along the years).

I'm writing to announce the release of my new project this week: *Plume, an
open-data based environmental awareness app to help citizens to beat air

Plume Labs tracks hourly air pollutant levels read by scientific
monitoring  network stations in 60+ metropolitan areas around the world.

The *Plume Air Report* is an 'urban weather report' application that helps
- track air pollution in real-time in your city
- protect yourself with personalized and actionable advice (i.e. avoid
running now, etc.)
- predict hourly evolutions of pollution thanks to a machine-learning model
(only in a select number of cities at this point).

The app is:
- available on the web at http://plumelabs.com
- available on the iPhone (for free) at http://bit.ly/PlumeAirReportforiOS
- coming soon on other platforms (starting with Android).

It was featured extensively last Spring when the data we collect showed
Paris had topped Beijing and Shanghai for several days during a severe air
pollution episode:

Our next step is to build an* open API* for developers who might be
interested in building apps on top of real-time air quality data streams.

We're still in the design phase, so *please drop us a line at
team at plumelabs.com <team at plumelabs.com>* if you'd like to use our API and
if you have ideas/strong opinions on how you'd like to see it work.

Thank you so much!

All the best,
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