[open-sustainability] Open Source Circular Economy days - coming to London!

Erica Purvis erica at technicalnature.org.uk
Mon May 25 11:08:16 UTC 2015

Hi all,

Would just like to bring to your attention a great opportunity/ event
coming up very soon in London ( as well as around the world).

It's a *global design challenge focused on an open source circular economy.
*The *London <https://oscedays.org/london/> event* will be held at the Fab
Lab London <http://fablablondon.org/contactus/> from the *12th to 14th of
June.* It’s open to all; designers, coders, data scientists, engineers,
campaigners, policy makers, waste & resource industry and many more. *You
can sign-up to join here

Alongside challenge setters and supporters such as The Great Recovery
<http://www.greatrecovery.org.uk/>, Open Energy Monitor
<http://openenergymonitor.org/emon/>, The Rubbish Diet
<http://www.therubbishdiet.org.uk/>, The People’s Design Lab
<http://www.thepeoplesdesignlab.org.uk/> and Cleanweb UK
<http://www.meetup.com/Cleanweb-London/>, it’s a chance to participate in a
grassroots global event using open source principles to build a circular
economy! With *more than 35 cities taking part,* from Shenzhen to Cairo,
Lome to Berlin, Nijmegen to Kuala-Lumpur, simultaneously participating on
locally identified challenges, there will be opportunities to connect and
share knowledge around open source and the circular economy. You can also
get a head start and meet the global community on the *open **OSCEdays
platform <http://community.oscedays.org/>. *

We’re supported by great communities and organisations around the world,
including the UK based Knowledge Transfer Network <http://www.ktn-uk.co.uk/>,
who recognise the principles of openness and collaboration as important
elements of a circular economy. This is a chance to join the OSCEdays
community and put ideas into action, to learn, share and collaborate with
like-minded people all over the world!

Twitter: @OSCEdays <https://twitter.com/OSCEdays> / #OSCEdays

Facebook Group: Open Source Circular Economy Days



​p.s. any questions get in touch!​

erica at technica <erica at technicalnature.org.uk>lnature.org.uk
<erica at technicalnature.org.uk>
@TechnicalNature <https://twitter.com/TechnicalNature> i @OSCEdays
<https://twitter.com/OSCEdays> i @ThePDLab <https://twitter.com/thepdlab>
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