[Open-transport] Canada's VIA Rail

Peter Hicks peter.hicks at poggs.co.uk
Sun Apr 29 21:10:42 UTC 2012

On 25/04/12 20:33, Richard Akerman wrote:
> I only knew of two national-level train open data efforts, from
> France's SNCF and the UK's ATOC, if there are others please let me
> know or add them in the comments.
ATOC (http://www.atoc.org/) - who represent all the train operating 
companies - have released the UK timetable data in raw format at 
http://data.atoc.org/, updated weekly.  They haven't so far made any 
other data sets available, such as fares information.  They appear to be 
against making real-time data available from their systems without 
plenty of conditions and licence fees.  It is an effort... but to get 
access to the information!

Network Rail (http://www.networkrail.co.uk/) - who operate the rail 
infrastructure - are going to be releasing real-time data 'quite soon 
now'.  If it's similar to the real-time data I already have from them, 
it will be in a very raw format.

I'm happy to talk to anyone who's interested in what's going on in the 
UK at the moment with regard to rail data openness.


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