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Mon Jul 15 09:06:06 UTC 2013

Sorry, I just answered to Pieter directly…

Concerning the API, there is also the “simplified API” that was published
last year by the AFIMB (a french official agency). I can’t find the
reference document right now.

The navitia.io api is currently under rewrite and will be quite different
from the current one. There was quite a big effort put into it and I think
it is worth waiting for it. It should be available very soon.

I worked on that new API (but not for anymore independent reasons) and it
was very interesting to get rid of the traditional RPC approach of most API
(we basicaly exposed our C++ functions as a GET request) and going towards
something more RESTful. It took me a while to understand what the big deal
is about ;)

Now to the vocabulary: I have a feeling that there is an agreement that the
Transmodel vocabulary is quite good (opposed to the GTFS one which is too
simplified). Maybe an effort could be made to select a subset of the
Transmodel easy to read and to understand. Something like
http://www.navitia.io/public_transport.html but better written ;)



On 14 July 2013 15:58, Pieter Colpaert <pieter.colpaert at okfn.org> wrote:

> Hi all,
> Seems like this has been an issue for quite a while: how do we turn raw
> transport data into an API and which format/vocabulary should this API
> adhere to?
> * I have found a GTFS → API in nodejs over here:
> https://github.com/brendannee/node-gtfs
> * There is also http://navitia.io who has plans to go open source.
> * Open Trip Planner has an API as well.
> Are open source open transport data tools stuff that our Open Transport
> working group should push for? Which one would you prefer rights now?
> Kind regards,
> Pieter
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