[Open-transport] Open Data Public Transport List?

Patrick Wolowicz patrick at subzero.eu
Thu Jul 18 11:42:26 UTC 2013

In my opinion, one of the important things that is missing (correct me if I'm wrong) is a list of public transport authorities that provide their data as open data and which API they use. While there are hundreds of transport authorities, there's actually only a handful of APIs.

There's a rudimentary list here: http://www.citygoround.org/agencies/ . Unfortunately it's very untechnical, it doesn't contain information on which API is provided (GTFS, MDV, Hacon, etc) nor where one can find documentation about the API.

Why would such a list be important? 

1) It would allow the open data community to see which APIs are most used. If someone is considering writing a converter between one API to another, the developer could see which regions would be covered and which APIs the developer can test against.
2) The list could be used to demonstrate how wide spread public transport open data is when talking to officials in areas where the APIs are still closed.
3) There are already developers (like me) out there that have programmed apps/services for their open data region and would love to provide their apps/services in other open data regions. At the moment we have to google the region we're interested in and maybe find a website with information about the existing API buried deep inside the transport authorities web page. Often these pages are in the regional language making it hard for developers to find/read them. A centralised list would lead to a quicker adaptation of these open data APIs. More apps would be available in more regions, to more people, demonstrating the benefits of open data for every day use.

So my question is has anyone in the open data transport community started such a list and if yes, could we put it up on the web for everyone (for example on https://github.com/OpenTransport)? Or if not, can we start one?

Best regards,
Patrick Wolowicz

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