[Open-transport] Open Data Public Transport List?

Andrew Byrd andrew at fastmail.net
Thu Jul 18 19:13:38 UTC 2013

I just signed up and added two Paris data sets, and it was painless.
Adding a dataset to the CKAN instance is barely more effort than editing
a line in a spreadsheet, and it's much less ad-hoc.

I have to agree with Pieter here. No one is going to want to manually
sync a spreadsheet with a proper database down the road. If you want to
build a good list of open transport data sources with metadata about the
file or API type, give the CKAN instance a try.


On 07/18/2013 07:33 PM, Mati Kalwill wrote:
> pieter, do you think it's possible that the CKAN instance might be an
> overkill at the moment? collecting data in a spreadsheet seems like a
> simple, good-enough way to engage people in contribuiting to a list that
> is almost non-existing at the moment :P if not perfect, could be a great
> first step.
> perhaps you can help in creating a similar metadata structure (similar
> to the ckan instance) so it becomes easy to upload later? and later on,
> if not you, someone else familiar with the ckan environment can upload it.
> anyway, i'm not an expert, just a member of the list who's looked for a
> way to check and contribute to an open transport data list before, and
> hasn't found it.
> best,
> mk
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