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Presume many of you will have seen this:


"Buses, trams, bicycles, pedestrians, and cars zoom about modern cities
like blood pulsing through the body. But with urban growth comes
challenges—one of them is how to improve transportation. Luckily, advances
in technology combined with active open data and open source movements mean
the citizenry can increasingly become part of the solution. Unclog the
arteries, stimulate circulation.

The Urban Data Challenge seeks to harvest the innovative and creative power
of communities around the world to explore urban data sets through

Designers, programmers, data scientists, and artists alike are invited to
take up the challenge: merge and compare mobility data sets from three
cities—San Francisco, Geneva, and Zurich—and draw meaningful insights.
Winning projects will showcase the power of open governmental data and
facilitate the knowledge exchange between cities. Juried prizes include
round-trip airfare to one of the participating cities and funding from
Fusepool, the European / Swiss Datapool, for developing the project into an

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