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Chloé Bonnet chloe at fivebyfive.io
Tue Oct 15 17:54:49 UTC 2013

Old transport friends and new,

If you haven't bumped into us over the last couple of months, it's possible
you haven't heard of our latest obsession : *Hackcess.* Here it is in a
nutshell :
Trains and train stations aren't as optimal as they could be for travelers
with disabilities, heavy suitcases, children, etc. Instead of passively
waiting for the infrastructural changes to remedy this (and you know we'll
be waiting quite a while), the SNCF and Open Street Map are teaming up to
see what technology and data can do to start solving some of these issues *
now.* Hackcess is the program that does just that.

So far Five by Five (a.k.a. Kat and Chloé) have worked with
- *non-profits, developers, thematic experts, mappers, etc*. in one room
for a full day using design thinking methods to clearly define the specific
issues at hand.
- *the SNCF* to start opening up fresh data sets
- *OSM* to map the indoors of the train stations in Greater Paris.

Here's who we want to work with next:* You.* Redefining personalized mass
transit is no small challenge and we can't imagine rolling up our sleeves
without you. If you've got a project/product/idea you think can help, come
to Paris with your team from *november 15-17* (We're running this hackathon
style). The SNCF is willing and able to support teams that present powerful
prototypes at the end of the trip. A support program for those teams is
currently being designed by yours truly.

just click here <http://hackcess-transilien.eventbrite.fr/>
(an english translation can be found at the end of the page)

All the best from Paris,
Kat and Chloé

PS : you can apply for a travel bursary


*Chloé Bonnet*


@chhhloe <https://twitter.com/chhhloe>
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