[Open-transport] [OKCon] Closing the call for Ideas

Pieter Colpaert pieter.colpaert at okfn.org
Wed Sep 11 13:49:47 UTC 2013

Hi all,

Thank you for the interesting ideas we have received! The call is now 
closed. Submitted ideas will be edited into a nice 
article/proceedings/{whatever you want to call it} by Chloé* and I.

In the coming days you might get asked to do a 5 minute lightning talk 
if your work/submitted idea fits in the subjects we want to discuss. 
Don't feel left out if you are not asked for a lightning talk. The 
workshop will be very interactive and the talks will only be used to 
start a conversation.

If you are BCC-ed in this mail but didn't subscribe to the mailinglist, 
please subscribe to it at http://transport.okfn.org. We don't send a lot 
of mails, but those that do get on this mailinglist are mostly worth 
your attention.

Kind regards,

Pieter & Chloé

* oh yes, I almost forgot to mention Chloé is going to organise this 
workshop together with me instead of Kat. Chloé is an open transport 
expert from the open innovation side of things. She, together with a lot 
of other people, is responsible for data.sncf.com for the French railway 

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