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Peter Hicks peter.hicks at poggs.co.uk
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This may be of interest to you if you're in London at the end of the month... there's a hack-day/preview afternoon at the ODI in London at:

	"i-Move is a new Internet of Things demonstrator platform funded by the Technology Strategy Board. In the current phase it's focused on transportation technology in Merseyside, built around the concept of using Liverpool as a smart city. We are trying to solve some big problems (like congestion/traffic disruption/incident management and public/private transport interfaces) but are also hoping our platform will help to create exciting new products and services in the transport sector. And we've got some really interestin interesting data - sensors (local authority traffic data), port traffic data, Highways Agency data, mobile phone movement data, social media sentiment analysis, some of which will be available to developers for the first time.
	We'd love you to come and try out our i-Move prototype platform which brings all of this data into a single place, converging lots of suppliers onto a single delivery platform. You may be a developer who wants to stir some of our content into your own solution or you may be a business interested in partnering to create new technology solutions.
	The iMove demonstrator platform is a smart city laboratory focused on congestion reduction. The platform has been build by tech providers such as BT, Avanti and AIMES, and data is available from providers such as Inrix, transportapi.com and Siemens. These providers be available during the course of the hackathon, so why not come along and talk to these key tech players to hear about the problems they want to solve in the context of Liverpool as an exemplar smart city. This event will be the first of a nationwide series taking place in cities including Liverpool, Edinburgh and London."

Full details on @emercolman's tweet at https://twitter.com/emercoleman/status/379542800003366912, including a link to Eventbrite to sign up.



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