[Open-transport] GTFS feeds for The Netherlands

Thomas thomaskoch at gmail.com
Mon Jan 20 12:01:54 UTC 2014

Hello all,

We would like to announce that we are supplying a GTFS feed with transit
data for virtually all bus/metro/train/tram and some ferry services in the
Netherlands, it also contains most international connections towards
Belgium, France, Germany and the UK. The feed is licensed under CC0 license
without tedious constraints about what you can and cannot do with the data.
The transit data used is supplied by transit agencies via the legal
framework "OpenGeo ND-OV loket", in a transmodel derived format. The
transmodel-data is then converted by us in to GTFS.
Some technical details: the feed contains shapes for most operators and
we've developed a workflow that generate shapes for all rail, tram and
metro lines when missing. Currently the stop-locations are directly set by
the operator but we're going to switch over to the IFOPT data-set when that
becomes available, this will provide a very high quality, maintained
stopplace clustering (GTFS: parent stations).

We're also looking to incorporate fare information, but we're currently
constrained by both the unavailability of this data and the lack of
suitable structure in GTFS to model the fare-structure in the Netherlands.
We're optimistic about the availability of fare information changing and
the flexibility of GTFS.
The feed also contains transfer information supplied by Dutch railways on
specific trip-to-trip transfers, indicating whether a transfer is
(im)possible on trip-to-trip detail.

We're also offering a GTFS-realtime feed, currently under as-is, with
tripupdates, vehicle-positions and alerts. The vehicle-positions and
trip-updates contain almost all bus and tram lines and the Metro in
Rotterdam (Amsterdam is in the works), the only trips not covered are
vehicles not equipped with the necessary hardware. Real-time train
information will also be available in the future but will likely require
some new additions the GTFS-realtime standard such as platform changes.

The feeds are available here:

Kind regards,

Thomas Koch
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