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Matías Kalwill matias.kalwill at gmail.com
Thu Jun 12 12:56:33 UTC 2014

Hi all,

Pieter, thanks for sharing this. Matías from Open Knowledge Argentina and
Bikestorming <http://bikestorming.com/> here. I'm not super active
responding messages on this list but always read and stay updated :)

I'm cc'ing Yas García, Open Knowledge Argentina Ambassador, would be great
to hear if you guys know of similar experiences to this!

The next steps we are considering are:

(1) To *open* the datasets that are available but, well, not open. At least
not in a usable way- Such us timetables or even bus routs, published on
multiple local websites but not available for download or reuse.


(2) Create an mobility-themed local open data census, using the Open Data
Census platform, to make this information (both the availability of
datasets, and the datasets themselves) more easly available and updatable.

It's also a good oportunity to mention that, we had discussion on whether
to call this local working group/project Open Transport or Open Mobility.
We chose Open Mobility since we expect to include bicycle and walkability
data eventually. You know, in line with the whole "moving people, not
vehicles" as a vision for what urban design should support.

I'll be at OK Festival this year. Looking forward to sharing this work with
all of you, and the ideas that went behind it. Opening transport data in
Latin America is tricky. So this is kind of a hack around what transport
agencies will usually not do.

Here's a great post in spanish from La Nación newspaper on the expedition
that got the whole thing started on International Open Data Day:




On Thu, Jun 12, 2014 at 7:18 AM, Pieter Colpaert <pieter.colpaert at gmail.com>

> Interesting...
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> Cc:
> Hi all! I want to tell you that we are working in the Argentina Open
> Mobility project.
> In Open Mobility, Open Knowledge Argentina members and different
> organizations working on releasing data to improve public transport service
> from the subway, train and bus.
> People are prisoners of the lack of information. We conducted an
> expedition-inspired School Of Data, where we seek information from
> different sources, the team performed a Nation Data List requests for
> access to the information.
> The project will be a census data transport inspirational Open Data
> Census, to achieve developers build apps and tools to improve the quality
> of life of citizens. We have provided two more expeditions data, where the
> data will end up releasing.
> If anyone knows or is working on a similar project, please let me know
> Regards!
> --
> Y. G
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> Ambassador - Argentina OKFN.org
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