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Miguel Laginha me at miguellaginha.com
Fri Mar 28 13:10:51 UTC 2014

Hi there,

There is free Datex II 1.0 from all of the UK, through the data.gov.ukportal:
really nice having almost real-time info for all highways, kudos for
the UK!

I am using this as a proof of concept for convincing Portuguese road
authorities to release their data freely, as the tech lead and evangelist
of an open data platform for transportation I'm working on, called
One.Stop.Transport (www.ost.pt). We're currently fetching the data from the
Highways Agency every 24h (just three publications), converting it to Datex
II 2.0 and delivering it freely through a REST API. On top of it, we've
built a very simple demo, available online:

Link: https://www.ost.pt/app/traffic_datex2
Screenshot: http://drop.miguellaginha.com/pEb2/55gnalwJ

Hope it helps somehow.
_ miguel

> Is anyone here working with DATEX II to distribute and analyse road data?
>  I?m starting a project (actually resurrecting an old project) to visualise
> road data as well as railway data.
> I will catalogue any public DATEX II providers? data on datahub.io.
> Peter
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