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Sun Mar 30 19:36:08 UTC 2014

Maybe a hurdle can be taken away by not asking for GTFS but instead ask for
data in any format (eg. Neptune, DINO, VDV452, HAFAS, HASTUS) and SIRI
instead of GTFS-RT, which is often already laying around.
This data does ends up in planners such as HACON'S HAFAS and EUspirit but
is not available to us.
Conversion is pretty easy, i had a DINO import (and thus export to GTFS) up
and running in a couple of hours.

On Sun, Mar 30, 2014 at 9:25 PM, Stefan Kaufmann
<transit at shutterworks.org>wrote:

> On 30.03.2014 20:56, Peter Hicks wrote:
>  "Enabling" is the word that struck me as most important here.  As you
>> pointed out, it may not be unwillingness to open data - more that the
>> benefits aren't known.
> I'm still in the process of validating that through an evaluation, at
> least for German operators, right now ;)
>  What if we discussed a framework to make automatic vehicle location a
>> commodity item?  For example, some minicab (like a taxi) companies in
>> Great Britain are no more than cars with a special licence and a
>> smartphone taking care of sending jobs to the right drivers, showing the
>> fare, etc.  If we had something like that for small operators - because
>> most smartphones have GPS and at least 3G data - we could help build the
>> infrastructure to create data about the small operators.
> I had been thinking about that a while ago, only to find out this is
> already on the market ;) Trapeze Group offers a smartphone solution as "RBL
> Light". The free/open source aspect still needs adressing, IMO, and
> Trapeze's smartphone solution still won't cut it for operators wishing to
> interface with their vehicle head signs. For German operators, that would
> mean being able to interface with the IBIS onboard computer (which can,
> however, be solved rather inexpensively. I only haven't yet found a transit
> operator willing to let me and some fellow students play around with their
> vehicles, some Raspberry Pis and matching interface boards :D)
> Stefan's solution sounds like a wonderful jump into this direction, though
> I haven't found much information on it publicly yet. Stefan! Moar info! :)
> I'd like to see the next milestones for such a solution outlined, in order
> to work on this in a coordinated fashion. For instance, the Institute for
> Distributed Systems at uulm is now offering thesis topics related to Open
> Data; so far mostly around GTFS[1]. If we were to package the next steps,
> we might be able to work on this cooperatively, drawing in young students
> through their masters' theses in the process :)
> regards,
> -stk
> [1] <http://www.uni-ulm.de/in/vs/studentische-projekte/ulmapi.html>
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