[Open-transport] OKFest 2014

Stefan Kaufmann transit at shutterworks.org
Sun Mar 30 19:45:32 UTC 2014

On 30.03.2014 21:36, Thomas wrote:

> Maybe a hurdle can be taken away by not asking for GTFS but instead ask
> for data in any format (eg. Neptune, DINO, VDV452, HAFAS, HASTUS) and
> SIRI instead of GTFS-RT, which is often already laying around.

That is true, but still requires convincing the transit authorities to 
do so, as well as somebody else willing to transform the data on a 
regular basis. Also, there are transit agencies using data formats that 
would still need costly converters to, say, VDV-452, because they use 
other arcane formats nobody has written free/open source converters for, 


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