[Open-transport] OKFest 2014

Peter Hicks peter.hicks at poggs.co.uk
Sun Mar 30 20:54:40 UTC 2014

On 30/03/14 21:49, Stefan Kaufmann wrote:
> Hey, I did, in fact, have quite some fun reverse engineering one of 
> those arcane formats the past months, and since the software vendor 
> was unwilling to supply any information about the data structure, it 
> will a) hopefully earn me a diploma in the end and b) provide 
> everybody with a converter _and_ a reverse-engineered documentation.
Proof it *can* be done even without documentation - the people behind 
www.brfares.com took a commercially-available closed and undocumented 
formatted CD-ROM (plus Windows-only GUI), extracted the raw ticket data 
and put it on a website.   Then, that data was made open anyway :-)  We 
now have one reference site, I am looking at an Open Train Fares site 
and documenting the "how" on the Open Rail Data wiki we have for Network 
Rail at http://nrodwiki.rockshore.net/.


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