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samuel jouan samueljouan at hotmail.fr
Thu Oct 16 17:38:24 UTC 2014

Dear all,I'm making an internship with We Move.center, a new civic organization involved in promoting European citizens' rights in mobility. I consider now makin a short term project on open data, that aims to gather trains delay exploitation data, from http://www.railtime.be/ directly in the HTML code, with a python script that will update the database every hour with a scheduler task, so as to be able to keep data more than a week (a bit like trainenretard.be, but with different aims).Now we have the program and we share it on http://opendelays.sourceforge.net/ with a sample of our database in ods format.This project aim to gather and share train data in Europe, more information here: http://wemove.center/joomla/index.php/blog/item/104-open-delaysDo you guys have any feedback on this, before we start working on it ? Do you think this is feasible (we don't have a lot of time) and if there is a better way or existing resource... Thank you in advance 		 	   		   		 	   		  
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