[Open-transport] Wishes for Open Transit Data

Stefan Kaufmann transit at shutterworks.org
Fri Apr 17 16:40:20 UTC 2015

On 17.04.2015 18:22, Thomas wrote:

> Simply, the format they use internally to exchange the timetable itself
> (HAFAS raw data?) to/from other parties. 
> Additionally a GTFS conversion would be useful for a larger segment of
> the community but it's expected that a lot of useful information about
> transfers is lost and maintained less strict. Although i think that the
> "large railway company" already supplies to Google Transit, so i assume
> the quality will be higher than what SNCF for example publishes on it's
> opendata website.


> My experience with GTFS is that it requires a lot of work and patience
> to get it to work with the advanced concepts known in the railway-world
> such as transfers-durations and potion working (Flügelung).
> I think that the open-transport community is capable to make a better
> GTFS conversion than DB, based on my experience with the GTFS Dutch
> Railways once supplied to Google Transit and the data they now supply.

That's a very good point – thank you for your input; I've included it in
the working draft.

Bear in mind that the question right now is to wish for _anything_ –
i.e., not only schedule data, but also delay information (real-time
and/or aggregated historical data), changes in carriage order, vehicle
types, reservation information… anything that comes to mind and is
deemed interesting, ordered by relevance (and _maybe_ by how realistic
opening the data might be).


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