[Open-transport] JSON-LD Support for Public Transport

Hannes Gassert hannes at opendata.ch
Tue Jun 9 08:15:49 UTC 2015

Dear Open Transport Data experts,

Google understands "linked data" trip information in JSON-LD[1], in Gmail,
Google Now and probably other places — but for flights only[2].

As JSON-LD seems to deliver on the original promise of the semantic web
("my email program understands I have a flight to take, and can tell my
calendar, yay!"), has pretty serious supporters from Healthdata.gov to
Microsoft and is much, much easier to understand for common web folks than
RDF, it does look interesting for sure. But now let's say we take a train
ride and want to map that to JSON-LD. We could either try to use the schema
for flights, just replacing airports with train stations. Might actually
work, but only barely.

Or we could petition the relevant players to support public transport
schemata. Which do in fact exist, for JSON-LD, at schema.org[3].

Did anybody ever try to do that? Anyone having real-life
JSON-LD-for-Transport experience? Or doing research on this?

I'm very interested in hearing your stories and input on this, I'm
convinced deeper integration of better tools can make a huge difference for
public transport!

Looking forward to hearing from you,

[1] See http://manu.sporny.org/2014/json-ld-origins-2/ for an entertaining,
opinionated intro, or e.g https://youtu.be/vioCbTo3C-4
[2] See
[3] See https://schema.org/TrainTrip, https://schema.org/BusTrip, etc.

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