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May be interesting for you... Only: open data hackathon, but no data can be


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Saw this on another mailing list I'm on:
(English translation at bottom of this mail)

The Deutsche Bahn is organising a 24-hour open data challenge at their
headquarters in Frankfurt (Germany) the weekend after next. Worth
mentioning I think, as their data should be at least as interesting as
the GB data from Network Rail and ATOC, and also because they've
historically been very hostile to the idea of open data. Perhaps this is
some sort of testing the waters.

I would almost consider going; opening of the German railway data could
be very exciting indeed, but the overnight hackathon aspect doesn't
appeal! Hopefully at least the documentation of the data formats will be
made available publicly on the web; that would be very interesting in


Rough translation from the German on that page (by me):
"Prototype an app to display timetables or crunch our data to create the

DB Fernverkehr AG und DB Systel GmbH are organising the DB Open Data
Train Challenge and giving you access to train schedule data for 24
hours. Anyone who's interested may take part - also people without any
railway background will be very welcome. Indeed your outside perspective
is certain to lead to exciting ideas.

Two challenges will be offered:
a) Develop a prototype to show timetables
b) Play with the data using creative ways and means - do what you want
with it.

Come in teams and bring your own hardware. Use this fantastic chance, on
the 30th floor of the DB Silberturm to showcase your ability and
exchange ideas with like-minded people. Plenty of food and drink will be

Friday 20th March
Entry from 16:30
17:00 to 18:00 Introduction to the Challenge
18:00 Kick-off

Saturday 21st March
15:30 Presentation of the results to a judging panel
16:45 Presentation of prizes


Which data will be made available?
We will make available to you an extract of historical data from a
variety of systems. We'll try to prepare descriptions of the data
formats before the event so that you can prepare.

What should you bring with you?
Your own hardware, the desire to create something terrific, possibly
also a sleeping bag.

Who may take part?
Anyone - equally railway staff as well as "outsiders" are very welcome.
We recommend taking part as a team.

Who should take part?
For the challenge an IT-background would obviously be sensible. A
background as computer science-student, UI-designer or data analyst is
an advantage but not essential.

Which teamsizes would be sensible?
There is no prescribed team size. Probably a size between 1-4
participants would be most sensible.

Can I take apart by myself?
Yes, it is possible to take part as a 1-man team. Alternatively you
could form a team on the day; we will help with that.

Is there any age limit for the event?

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