[Open-transport] Traffic light status as open data?

Matthew Fullerton matt.fullerton at gmail.com
Thu May 7 12:09:19 UTC 2015

Dear list,
I don't think I've ever written on here, but I've been receiving the
interesting posts for a long time, looks like a fantastic, active
community. I worked at a Transportation Institute at TUM (www.tum.de) from
2009-2014 and am currently forming a startup (www.smartlane.de) where we
provide data analysis and exchange services for businesses in transport.

We would like to demonstrate what could be possible if we knew the status
of every traffic light, everywhere. I've no problem finding the locations
of traffic lights as open data online, but what I would really like is this:

Best: An API where I can get the current status/phase of the traffic light
and what lane/lanes/directions its responsible for

Almost-as-good-for-now: Traffic signal timings for intersections where the
timings are completely fixed and not effected by public transit,
approaching vehicles, pedestrians pushing a button to cross, etc.

For now, I am happy if I can get this for 2-3 intersections to work as a
proof of concept, if a whole city is willing to let me see the data I'll be
overjoyed! I can also live with the data not being open for everyone in the
hope that such a demo would encourage cities to open up such data.

The idea is to enable developers to write apps for example cyclists or car
drivers to know what speed to drive at to get the next green light. Or to
create a route that takes signal timings into account. Or, or, or.

Many thanks,
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