[Open-transport] Open Query Logs of route planners

Pieter Colpaert pieter.colpaert at okfn.org
Sun Mar 6 20:35:40 UTC 2016

Hi all,

Query logs of route planning interfaces can be really interesting to 
study: they can predict what trip is currently in higher demand than 
usual and e.g., give congestion predictions, or they can give insights 
in how people move within a certain region. These query logs are a kind 
of "exhaust" or side effect that can be amazingly interesting to study.

I've already explored the query logs of the route planning interface I'm 
hosting at iRail [1]. We have started publishing our query logs at [2] 
and [3] under a CC0 license. We hope people are going to build cool 
stuff with it :)

With this e-mail I'd like to call anyone hosting a route planning 
service to also publish the query logs. If you are, please let me know! 
We can make a blog post announcing this at our website that urgently 
needs an update: http://transport.okfn.org.

[1] https://hello.irail.be/2016/01/13/january-updates/
[2] Historic data: 
[3] Real-time data: http://api.irail.be/logs/

Kind regards,


P.S. Next to all that, query logs are also a valuable resource for 
researchers trying to understand how they can make route planning 
interfaces more efficient, which coincidentally is my research topic :)

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