[open-visualisation] drj: an introduction

David Jones drj at ravenbrook.com
Thu Apr 1 08:26:21 UTC 2010

I joined this list at Lisa's prompting.  I'm a software consultant  
for Ravenbrook Limited, a contributor to the Clear Climate Code  
project, clearclimatecode.org, and sometime blogger for OKFN.

My interest in visualisation comes from the programming side (my  
background and training are in maths and computer science, I have no  
visual arts training (or skills!)): How can we best program good  

I tend to have a preference for a rather "bare bones" approach,  
avoiding specialised tools and frameworks.  Consequently I like  
Python and Google Charts (more on that later).  Python and Google  
Charts are used to make the (rather simple) charts in these blog  
posts: http://clearclimatecode.org/trendy/ and http://blog.okfn.org/ 


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