[open-visualisation] Mini-project to review open source visualisation tools?

jaume nualart jaume at nualart.cat
Tue Apr 12 12:42:14 UTC 2011

Hi all,
my name is Jaume Nualart, this is my first message to the list.
Some time ago a friend, Mar Canet and my self, we started a list of
resources on visualization tools. Maybe it can help:



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> Subject: Re: [open-visualisation] Mini-project to review open source
>        visualisation tools?
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> Hi all,
> A quick ping to try to get the ball rolling on the basic guide to open
> source data visualisation tools. I've created a stub for this here:
> http://ideas.okfn.org/ideas/80/visokfnorg-a-simple-guide-to-open-source-data-visualisation-tools
> Anyone willing to help with this? If so let me know and I can make you an
> editor of vis.okfn.org and we can make a start! :-)
> All the best,
> Jonathan
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