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William Waites ww at eris.okfn.org
Tue Jan 4 12:38:42 UTC 2011

* [2011-01-04 12:13:13 +0000] Richard Pope <richard at memespring.co.uk> écrit:

] Don't worry, it's just for mockup purposes / to try out ideas.

Sure, just wanted to point that out.

But on the question of mapping, what location data we have is mostly
for the place of publication. That's not so interesting.  What would
be more interesting might be, considering works of fiction, the
setting. But we don't have this information. So the question is how
might we best collect it?

And this is just one example, there is an unlimited amount of other
metadata like this that we want to collect, how do we do this? How do
we collect not just the data but the relationship of the data to the
entity on the screen in a consistent and natural way?

When I first tried to make an editing interface for Bibliographica I
encountered a tradeoff: either the user needs to know much more than
is reasonable about the structure of the data they are editing and we
have a generic interface or we need to make lots o specific little
special purpose interfaces for each relationship we
contemplate. Can you find the sweet spot in this tradeoff?


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