[openbiblio-dev] Test users for bibliographica

acracia acracia at cryptodrunks.net
Thu Mar 10 10:07:42 UTC 2011

On 03/09/2011 09:34 PM, Jonathan Gray wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am in contact with several test user groups for Bibliographica who
> either have or are willing to contribute to building bibliographic
> material or lists of publications. We have also been asked by several
> other groups/individuals about whether the system is ready.
> I wonder whether someone who is working on Bibliographica might be
> able to provide a quick update on where we currently are? Do we have a
> rough roadmap? Worth doing a (very) brief update blog post?

I will get a blog post online soon-ish, about collection.

BTW I will use a lot of your post
http://jonathangray.org/2010/01/22/bibliographica/ so i hope you will
get some more referrals :)


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