[openbiblio-dev] Preliminary list

Jonathan Gray jonathan.gray at okfn.org
Mon Mar 21 12:22:13 UTC 2011

Hi all,

Our Open Government Data Working Group is going to be establishing a
bibliography of articles, reports, monographs, etc related to open
government data [1]. Work has already started on this, and we have
some material in unstructured text format [2]. We will also soon have
around 50 pages of bibliographic material which is being donated to us
by Katleen Janssen, a legal researcher at KU Leuven.

While I understand Bibliographica is not yet ready to be used for this
yet [3], we're thinking of putting some material in a Google Docs
Spreadsheet, which can then later be imported when ready. We're
thinking of including fields like:

  * Title
  * Journal?
  * Author(s)
  * Date of publication
  * Publisher name
  * Publisher location
  * URL
  * URL - date accessed
  * ISBN
  * ISSN

How should we proceed? Are there standards fields that we should use?
E.g. should we separate journal title and monograph title? What is the
easiest way to do this quickly so that we can get people loading
material into the spreadsheet in a way which will be usable once
Bibliographica is ready?

(This also applies to other areas - e.g. I'm keen to do this ASAP in
relation to a folktales bibliography and one related to philosophy.)

All the best,


[1] http://ideas.okfn.org/ideas/54/open-government-data-bibliography-project
[2] http://opengovernmentdata.okfnpad.org/bibliography
[3] At least as originally conceived - i.e. as a basic open web
service to allow non-technical users to easily create, curate and
share lists of publications. Cf.

Jonathan Gray

Community Coordinator
The Open Knowledge Foundation


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