[openbiblio-dev] Collections in Bibliographica

Tatiana de la O tatiana.delao at okfn.org
Sun Mar 27 12:05:45 UTC 2011

We are finally arriving to the linked part of our linked data project,
now with the collections feature.

Finally, and after having reviewed and rewritten part of the code
related also to user account data, now people can make and share

Please have a look to the feature before we publicise it more, to spot
any problems.

To make a new collection:

* You have to log in first. No account, no collections! Login with an
openid account at http://bibliographica.org/account/login
* Go to a work/entry page, i.e.
* Click the link 'Add to new collection' in the right sidebar.
* Write the name/subject of the collection (I still need to provide an
interface to edit this information afterwards)
* If everything works, you should see your new collection appear in the

After that, you will see the collection listed on the sidebar every time
you visit an entry/work page, and you will be able to add more items to
it by clicking on the [add] link.

Please send back any comments


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