[openbiblio-dev] Collections in Bibliographica

Jim Pitman pitman at stat.Berkeley.EDU
Mon Mar 28 16:49:04 UTC 2011

Tatiana de la O <tatiana.delao at okfn.org> wrote:

> > I could not make this work. I'm at  http://bnb.bibliographica.org/entry/GB5000530#
> > I see Pitman Collection [add]
> > in the sidebar.
> > But when I click "add" nothing happens.

Same problem. What is weird is that the [add] button is just hyperlinked
back to the current page. The "Pitman Collection" text is linked to the collection at http://bibliographica.org/collection/BB000010003
which is right. When I look at the source code I see

  <h3 class="widget-title">Collections</h3>
  <li>Collections are lists of works you can create and share with others</li>
      <ul id="collections">
        <h3 class="widget-title">Your collections</h3>
        <li><a href="#" id="newcollection">Add to new collection</a></li>

but the "Pitman Collection [add]" text must I guess be generated by some javascript? Strange not to
see this in the source code of the page.

> If the collection gets updated you will see the item highlighted.
> Can you please tell me which browser you are using? Did you tried once,
> or more times? It works from here, I wonder if maybe was a database
> timeout or similar...

I'm using and old version of firefox  3.0.1 . 
I'll try a more recent version in my office in an hour or so.
I'm just now trying with an old Safari 3.0.4.
I notice that if I login from the page http://bnb.bibliographica.org/entry/GB5000530# then
I am sent to http://bibliographica.org/account/BB000010004 and the memory of previous page is lost.
Can you make it so after login user is on the page they logged in from?

NOw, from Safari, when I get back to the same page I do not see any "Pitman Collection [add]" link at
all.  So it seems the way that this link is generated is fragile with respect to browser conditions.

> > -- how to make bulk additions to a collection (e.g. all responses to a search like mathematics).
> This is still not possible, though for sure it would be good to have.
Another important functionality is to be able to list items and add/delete with checkboxes, including add all and delete all.
This has to go hand-in hand with large collections.

> Right now there is no predefined limit on the size of the collection,
> though maybe there is for some 'renders' of the collections (the
> collections page, for example, http://bibliographica.org/collection,
> displays 20 collections)

So is this going to be auto-paged or searchable in some way?

> > -- How can I export the data in my collections?
> Sono you will be able to access from the web interface the .rdf / .nt /
> .n3 / .json versions of the collection as it happens right now with the
> works, i.e. http://bnb.bibliographica.org/entry/GB5000530 is also
> available as http://bnb.bibliographica.org/entry/GB5000530.rdf,
> http://bnb.bibliographica.org/entry/GB5000530,n3 etc

Good, very important to be able to export in bulk like this.

> > -- Generally, what facilities for bulk import/export of data collections?
> This is part of future development, as in export to your zotero or other
> features. Good to see that you also look for them!

It seems that right now collections are just subsets of stuff someone else has loaded.
What users have rights to load collections? How is this managed? Who is responsible for
rights issues/checking?

> > Small bug: link to http://dewey.info/scheme/e18 on page above gives a 404
> As Karen points out, this external resource is not resolving. The e18
> part of it is the release of the Notation, that can change the meaning
> of it! Sadly, the notation '213.451' can be one subject in the Dewey
> scheme version e18 and another in the e22... usually just adding new
> subjects but sometimes changing the meaning, if I am not mistaken.
> I still dont know how far can we go on using the Dewey propietary scheme
> though... but the idea is to be able to browse by it at least (see
> https://bitbucket.org/okfn/openbiblio/issue/42 )

Arent there issues with Dewey being proprietary? Cant we use LOC or other more open
classification schemes?


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