[openbiblio-dev] Virtuoso versus 4store

Deliot, Corine Corine.Deliot at bl.uk
Fri May 13 15:30:52 UTC 2011

The initial RDF file we offered was provided in response to the Open Bibliography project's request for data to experiment/work with; we never claimed it was linked data.


We are in the process of modelling our data, minting our own URIs, etc. As Owen says, watch this space.


We're hoping our effort will assist people in assessing the value of opening up data and the utility of Linked Data.





Corine Deliot

Metadata Standards Analyst

The British Library



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* [2011-05-13 09:39:43 -0400] Ed Summers <ehs at pobox.com> écrit:

] places. Would this be a good place to start if you are trying to
] convince the BL of the utility of Linked Data?

The BL seems quite convinced, they just move at the pace of a large
institution so haven't minted their own URIs for these things yet.


At the moment the BL has (afaik) offered RDF (with only a very little Linked-ness) as a bulk download - so crawling this isn't an option at the moment. However I think I can say 'watch this space' (although my feeling is most institutional players in this space are still looking for compelling business cases around LD)



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