[openbiblio-dev] openbiblio catchup call today 1600 GMT

Jim Pitman pitman at stat.Berkeley.EDU
Wed Nov 16 14:26:39 UTC 2011

Mark MacGillivray <mark.macgillivray at okfn.org> wrote:

> there will be a catchup call today at 1600 GMT for anyone that wants
> to find out what is currently going on.
> Please login to the pad at http://openbiblio.okfnpad.org/catchup and I
> will call at 1600.

OK. Please let me know timeframe for when we can discuss further so I can organize
my morning.

Also, please point me to instructions for scripted upload of a dataset. Sorry, I did
not register what  you told me on last call.
Generally, where should I or others expect to find such documentation of BibSoup?

Obviously for scripted upload there are some security issues, so I understand if you
dont want to publicize this capability.

many thanks


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