[openbiblio-dev] Next JISC openbiblio 2 sprints

Mark MacGillivray mark.macgillivray at okfn.org
Sun Feb 5 18:38:58 UTC 2012

Hi there openbiblio-dev

Next week we will be announcing bibsoup slightly more formally, and
planning for the next set of sprints. The main topics are:


The current bibserver code relies on a mix of python and javascript to
serve up the frontend. However, without javascript, it is farily
rudimentary. In addition, future plans to enable automatic pulling of
interesting data about a record at time of view are best done on
javascript. Also, we already have a javascript frontend available for
this sort of thing.

I propose in the next development effort to re-write the frontend on
javascript, and to combine up with the editability dev.


Updating records with any sort of useful info such as links out to
other resources requires the UI to be able to save data back. I have
got this experimentally working and want to continue building it in
conjunction with the frontend UI improvements.


The current parsers that we have are available via /parse, but should
be separated out as a stand-alone service. documentation of their
operation will also help others to write and maintain parsers. Propose
Etienne takes charge of this.


We have booted some dev docs space at readthedocs, and now need to
fill it with useful information. We also need to continue the blog
posts, how-tos, videos, screencasts. Propose this is a combination of
Mark, Etienne, Rufus on the code side, and Peter and Jim on the videos
/ how-tos side.


We have a listing of various open datasets, and some example
collections are on the way. Also, via this and the open-bibliography
list we have lots of very helpful people telling us of more datasets.
We also have thedatahub group managed by Adrian. Propose Naomi follows
up with these and looks for people interested in running a bibserver
and advertising it on bibkn.org, or outputting BibJSON, or opening up
more data, or agreeing to open biblio principles. Also Naomi and Mark
to maintain blog posting on openbiblio.net and meeting JISC


Naomi is already moving forward with co-ordinating sprint meetings and
a larger event in combination with DevCSI, and she will be taking this
forward and looking for beneficial opportunities with other coord team
members / events.

Any feedback from list members is welcomed. Thank you all very much
for your efforts so far,


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