[openbiblio-dev] Next JISC openbiblio 2 sprints

Mark MacGillivray mark.macgillivray at okfn.org
Sun Feb 5 20:29:30 UTC 2012

On Sun, Feb 5, 2012 at 8:22 PM, Jim Pitman <pitman at stat.berkeley.edu> wrote:
> Mark, good to see these plans, some comments inline below.
> I guess this means AJAX?
> ...What other sources did  you have in mind?

We did previously have a page on bibserver.org where we could list
useful sources, but it was not well utilised. instead I am moving some
stuff over to the wiki, and hopefully people will list interesting
sources there. Once this is done, I will email again.

By editability I do not necessarily mean allowing people to hand edit
records. I mean though that if we are going to enable people to do
anything at all such as change collection settings, or save useful
links for a record, I need to finish building this. That is what I
will be working on. Any complexities around integrating permissions
with local environments are beyond scope.

> Strong support from me. I have already started using the BibTeX parser as a standalone tool for command line access to
> BibTeX stores for my own research group, and would like to do the same for other sources. Finding ways to integrate these
> parsers into e.g. typical LaTeX/BibTeX workflows and other desktop tasks of individual scholars may be very fruitful.
> I foresee a workflow where biblio curators may use the parsers directly on their machines, without direct connection
> to a BibServer, to acquire data from remote sources, convert it to BibJSON, do some preprocessing with e.g. Google Refine or
> other biblio processing tools which I have been developing, then upload the product of such efforts to a BibServer for display
> and sharing.

Great, anything further you want to demo in that regard would be worth
documenting a a blog post on openbiblio.net

> OK. I'll be glad to contribute to text documentation which I think is very important. I'm not so
> keen on videos, but there is Peter's strength, and others will appreciate that.



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