[openbiblio-dev] Best practice for name format in BibJSON

Mark MacGillivray mark at odaesa.com
Sat Feb 25 02:00:47 UTC 2012

Clarifying the "id" field in author object:

On Fri, Feb 24, 2012 at 6:05 PM, Jim Pitman <pitman at stat.berkeley.edu> wrote:
>> Also, I notice that there is an "id:" element in the person name area. I
>> presume that this could be used for ORCID or researcherID, etc. Will the
>> type of ID be clear from the text? I don't know how people generally use
>> these, and if they are full URNs or URIs or not.

Karen - this is not quite right; the ID field in the author record
here is an ID for that record. It could be some other sort of ID in
another system, but this one is specifically for use in identifying
the record in question - so if you start to have multiple authors
appearing in different records but actually they are the same author,
you can assign them the same ID. Identifiers from external systems are
handled differently - described below.

> Brings us to the basic issue of regularizing ids for whatever entities:
> I think this needs a separate discussion and some collab doc space to develop
> best practices for ids in BibJSON. I'd be glad to start a Google Doc on
> this. Any volunteers to work on it?

The identifiers in bibjson records are already described - on
bibjson.org there is a bit about the "identifier" key. This key can be
used within the top level of a record - e.g. listing identifiers about
whatever the record is about - or it can be used within an author
record (or anywhere else) - so we can list in here the various
identifiers that an author may have on other systems. "identifier" is
a list of objects, and the fields so far described at bibjson.org
include "id", "type" and "url" - though of course, you can use others
that you find useful. But by providing the ID, the type (which is
obvious in some cases e.g. DOI and in others can be made up and
consensus converged upon), and a relevant URL if there is one, we can
make it clear what the identifier is for. Other info about it could
easily be added in a "description" key.


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