[openbiblio-dev] ongoing JISC openbiblio work this year

Mark MacGillivray mark.macgillivray at okfn.org
Wed Jan 11 12:32:32 UTC 2012

JISC Open BIblio work is continuing this year, up to the end of June.
We are meeting up next week to do a coding and planning sprint, and
will also start fortnightly catchup calls, beginning Wednesday 18th
January at 1600 GMT.

Our main aim is to build up the BibServer software to be useful to
individuals and small groups for sharing collections of metadata in
which they have a strong interest (sufficient to make them want to
curate such collections). We are building various demonstrations, and
would appreciate feedback from anyone in the community who would like
to suggest a collection for us to demo, or a format for us to parse
to/from - either as requests for us to do it, or as requests to take
part in the work in some way.

We will provide a write-up of our work next week on the openbiblio blog.


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