[openbiblio-dev] catchup this week

Mark MacGillivray mark.macgillivray at okfn.org
Wed Jan 18 12:24:01 UTC 2012

Hello all,

We are working away at our sprint week in cambridge at the moment -
however we have to move rooms later and may have limited internet
access. Therefore we are going to postpone the catchup call to next
Wednesday at 1600, when the focus of discussion will be on plans for
BibKN (Naomi is going to follow up with info on this later this week).
This way we can also maximise the opportunity for people working
together in one place, which does not happen often.

If anyone is wanting an earlier catchup this week, I should be
available on Friday afternoon at 1600 GMT.

We have some blog posts going up, and will keep working on the website.


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