[openbiblio-dev] Sciplore BibServer

Mario Lipinski lipinski at berkeley.edu
Tue Mar 13 00:56:11 UTC 2012

Hi all,

Am 09.03.2012 17:14, schrieb Mark MacGillivray:
>>> the bibserver is now online at http://bibserver.sciplore.org and running
>>> on your server hosted at IST.
>> Great!  This is real progress, and I think the first public facing bibserver besides
>> bibsoup.net, right Mark?
> The only one we have been told of, yes. Great work!

I am one of the maintainers of the Bibserver installation mentioned above.

> Yes, please continue to use the issues on github, and to use the
> openbiblio-dev mailing list too - particularly, please copy emails
> there so other people can know about this as well.

OK. I just dropped in some more issues.

>> -- One of those sites should be the reconstituted Probability Web site, presumably incorporating a BibServer, but needing also some basic
>> web CMS, e.g. we discussed the benefits of Wordpress. How to integrate BibServer and Wordpress remains unclear to us however.
> OK, connectivity between your database and bibserver is up to those of
> you who have access to it of course, but should not be hard. 

I am wondering how bibserver handles external data sources. Is there any
API to load data into Bibserver? How does Bibserver handle updating the
external sources as they change? As I could see so far Bibserver seems
to load external sources once, but what is if it is dynamic content that
is changing?

> re. some
> CMS functionality, the best thing would be just to set up a wordpress
> CMS as your website then embed the FacetView frontend onto any page
> where you want to access the search (the prototype of this has been
> demo-ed and of course was not great, but the new version will be
> coming out after we finish the sprint next week).

Is there any documentation on this? I watched out for some documentation
on embedding Bibserver, but so far I only found an API that returns the
JSON data. As you are doing a great job with the facet display, we'd
just like to integrate it without needing to reimplement it in our
system. I am imagining some capabiblities of just (dynamically) getting
the suitable HTML and embedding it into our Wordpress. Not sure if it
may need some local Proxy for ajax as well, since communication to
external servers may be blocked by the browsers.

Bibserver is a really nice project and am looking forward to integrating
it in our services.


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