[openbiblio-dev] Feedback on my BibJSON record

Karen Coyle kcoyle at kcoyle.net
Thu Feb 21 23:25:38 UTC 2013


On 2/21/13 10:20 AM, Tom Morris wrote:

> 1. dc:publisher should be "Seuil" and not include publication place and
> year "Paris\n : Seuil\n, 1986",

dcterms has publisher and date, but unfortunately lacks date of 
publication. It may be possible to find this in BIBO or some other 
bibliographic schema. However, I have seen others place an entire 
publication statement in dcterms:publisher for this exact reason. It's a 
real lack in DC.

> 2. the author's name is not in natural order "Palom\u00e9ra,
> Marie-France de"

There is no requirement for the author's name to be in natural order. In 
fact, the bibjson.org page shows examples with both.

> 3. the title should be "Princesse Finemouche" not "Princesse Finemouche
> / Babette Cole #59; [trad. par] Marie-France de Palom\u00e9ra",

Again, DC doesn't provide a place for the "statement of responsibility" 
that is in much library data. So the choice is to lose that, or to stuff 
it in title. It also doesn't have a separate subtitle element, so that 
too has to be stuff in title.

> It also seems strange that the author Babette Cole is not included
> anywhere and that the translator is listed as the author.

A translator is generally dcterms:contributor. dcterms doesn't have an 
author just dcterms:creator.

Fitting data into DC can be a real pain - either that or you have to 
accept that you will lose a lot, and loss is never a good idea. DC has 
lots of gaps. some of these may have been filled in in BIBJSON but I 
still can't find the BIBJSON ontology online -- anyone?


> I'm not a BibJSON expert, so Mark can provide a more authoritative
> opinion, but those seem off to me.
> Tom
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