[openbiblio-dev] Bibserver Status

Karen Coyle kcoyle at kcoyle.net
Sun Aug 17 21:12:31 UTC 2014

Peter, I agree. But I also think it's really hard to take on such a 
project on your own. Can we gather a small cohort to give Joe a go-to 
place for questions, help, praise, reality checks, etc.? I'm willing, 
but can only really be helpful within my skill set (metadata, linked 
data, QC [I FIND BUGS!], and documentation). Can a few others with other 
skills volunteer? We can name our band whatever we want ;-).


On 8/17/14, 11:22 AM, Peter Murray-Rust wrote:
> This is how I think projects should develop - someone enthusiastic picks
> up where the last initiative finished.

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