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Thu Jun 21 11:40:33 UTC 2012

Hi Massimo, all,

I am having trouble contributing to the github working group.

My user name is: stuartchilds

Can I please be added to the group?

Also - to add to Massimo's notes and thoughts about our discussion at Fab*:

It was interesting to talk about legalities and note the difference between a 'definition' and a 'license'.

At what point may a definition influence, or change / define a legal 'license' or way of protecting one's work?

If there is limited legal protection offered by an open design definition, what are the other values of using it? What does 'using' an open design definition mean to the users, and the audience / others who come across the usage?

What is a 'community standard' ?

It was interesting to discuss the different aspects of 'open design' and what these could be / mean.

Something that caught my attention: using parametric design software that generates / outputs design files according to set variables. Should the outputs of these programs, ie the content they generate, be licensed / shared in the same way as the parent / original software that produces them?

Differences in international laws concerning copyright, patent and other protective legal licensing can make licensing works difficult - particularly when shared online.

There was some discussion over Creative Commons licensing - do these licenses facilitate sharing, or make things more complicated? 

As well as contributing to the definition on github - when I / you get access, we were encouraged to run individual / local open design definition meet ups - I like this idea as it may encourage other user groups to get involved - that may not otherwise find out about the github workgroup or this discussion list.


Stuart Childs

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