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Dr. Peter Troxler trox at fabfolk.com
Fri Mar 9 19:36:39 UTC 2012

Hi list

for many of you it's probably not a big suprise to see me signing up ;)

I am Peter Troxler, an industrial engineer by training, a jack of (almost) all trades by nature, and named an international business collaboriginal by one of my friends.

I earn my living as a business consultant who loves to launch himself into those areas where other consultants would not go, simply because there are no easy recipes to be replicated and that would fit on 5 powerpoint slides.  Therefore I also call myself (and act as) a freelance researcher.

My current interest is in business models based on open source anything but software; and the last few years this interest has found rich nurture in a inadvertent global experiment called FabLab in which I participate as some sort of an action researcher (sometimes more action, sometimes more research).

Elsewhere[1] I have postulated, that Fablabs are today for Open Design what libraries used to be for academia.

What interests me about Open Design is …
... What are basic elements, principles, modules for business models that make use of creativity and innovation based on open source?
(…instead of selling/licensing IP rights)
… What qualifications are needed and helpful for new, interdisciplinary professional practices?
(…and which ones are not helpful?)
… What are the consequences of new principles in service sector – such as interactivity and co-creation – for the creative industry?
… What are the qualifications and skills needed for working in networks?
(…instead of traditional organisations)

Looking forward to what we are going to do together

/ Peter

[1] http://opendesignnow.org/index.php/article/libraries-of-the-peer-production-era-peter-troxler/

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