[OpenDesign] Hello! Introducing myself

Heloisa Neves heloisadominguesneves at gmail.com
Sat Mar 10 11:16:21 UTC 2012

Hello! I'm Heloisa Neves and I'm a PhD student from Brasil (Universidade de
São Paulo). But, at this moment I'm based in Barcelona doing the Fab
Academy at Fab Lab.

My PhD research is about Open Design and the focus is currently in physical
manufacturing infrastructures (local laboratories) that can assist in the
development of open design.

I'm trying to understand how important these structures for the process of
open design and how they should be structured and managed to assist with
open licenses, collaborative product development, interaction with local
industries and design/architecture offices etc.. this focus is important
for Brazil at this time because we are creating the first Fab Lab Brazilian
and want it to be really open design.

Thanks Peter Troxler for the papers and book. These have been very
important for my research.

And, finally, I'm really excited with the idea to organize some workshop
about the theme in Brasil at Universidade de São Paulo. I think could be a
good idea to organize something for the next august/september.

Heloisa Neves
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